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Barbizon France Real Estate AgencelAngelus France
As specialists of characterfull, comfortable, high quality housing as well as the properties of deluxe class, we offer to our clients, living in france, european countries and overseas, the full range of specialized services in pur chasing real estate property for primary or secondary residence.
Our catchment area and real estate range:
Specializing in offering real estate properties of superior level of quality, Angelus Agency mainly are involved in carrying out deals worth of 300 000 up to 4000 000 euros.
Purchase / sale
Indeed understand your waits to serve you better:
The agents of the agency angelus of barbizon make some knowledge of their customers a priority.
Men of ground, the agents of the angelus of barbizon know perfectly their local market.
You wish to sell? Entrust the sale of your good to the real estate agency height range for a sale safely and confidentiality.
Our advertising media are: Properties of France, l’express, le figaro, belles demeures, Demeures et maisons, the English newspapers, the pack “national and international” horizon, Internet site orders, the shop window of the agency presenting 70 properties, our newspaper of 8 pages distributed in Europe and in France.
You look for one a lot of prestige or character? Contact we to announce of your wishes and you will receive free of charge our offers by virtual email on visit or by mail.
Our agency and its resources: Besides the estate agent and his sales representatives the relational network of the agency allows to propose the services of:
Jurists in corporate law ” specialized lawyers “, etudes notarial,
assistances to the financing
They will know how to bring if need be a fast and clear answer to every stage of your real-estate project.
The direction will follow you on the evolution of your real-estate project in every stage.

Contact: Agence l’Angelus de Barbizon,
33 grande rue, 77630 Barbizon
Tel: +33 1 64 81 32 50   
Fax: +33 1 60 69 27 09   
Email:  fm [at] barbizon-prestige [dot] com

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