Kenya Ongata Rongai Plot Land for sale

Kenya Ongata Rongai Plot Land for sale
Area: 0.25 Acres
Price: USD $7,500 – Euro: 5,800
For more information please contact the advertiser.

Email: info [at] neptuneshelters [dot] com
Phone: +254 20 4451131/2
Mobile: +254 722 494713
+254 722 588242
+254 722 741651

Note*: Ongata Rongai is a Kenyan city, located just south of Nairobi in Kajiado district, Rift Valley Province. The name, in the Masai language, is closely plateau. In fact, the original core of the city is built on a narrow plateau that forms the ultimate extension of the plains to the massive Kaputiei of Ngong hills.
Ongata Rongai was born in the late 1950s as a village of stone diggers. The first inhabitants, the ethnic Luo, built a village piccollo, Kisumu Ndogo, not far from the road linking Nairobi to Lake Magadi. The stone building was off a little further south, where now stands the populous district of Kware (from quarry, quarry). Soon after the birth place of the village, some families Kikuyu, Kamba and Masai settlers in the area and gave birth to a small shopping center, still called Rongai.
In the 90s, the small town of Ongata Rongai has become a favorite of the middle and upper class that was looking for new residential areas near the capital. Has experienced a rapid development, although the sector of public services hard to grow at the same speed. Essential services such as water supplies and medical care, are insured by private individuals or churches. The same can be said of the education sector, dominated by private and religious groups.


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