Kenya Runda Nairobi Residential Double Storey House for sale

Kenya Runda Nairobi Residential Double Storey House for sale
Location: Kenya, Runda, Nairobi
An expansive 5 bedroom double storey House on a half(0.5)acre plot.
Price: USD 460,950

enquiries [at] tysonskenya [dot] com Website:
phone:  +254 020 2222011 / 310660 / 310666 / 310884
mobile:  +254 722 207403 / 254 734 222002

Note*: Runda Estate is found in the northern part of Nairobi City and is dissected into almost 2 equal halves by the latitude 01.2130 South and longitude 36.8190 East.
The landscape (topography) in Runda Estate ranges between 1,690 meters above sea level in low lying areas to 1,727 meters above sea level in elevated areas.
The area occupied by Runda Estate (estimated to be 14km2) was once a large coffee estate owned by various firms with 3 coffee processing factories.
Runda Estate was started in 1972 by MAE Properties Limited. This was demand driven project due to the fact that when UNEP Headquarters was built in Gigiri in the early 1970’s, there was an urgent need for decent houses within the area to accommodate the United Nations Staff.
The development of Runda Estate later on spread eastwards up to Kiambu road with the development of New Runda Estate by Kenya Commercial Bank and Runda Evergreen Estate by Zacharia Maina Gakunju. To the west came Runda Mimosa Estate which was developed by Karume Investments.
The Runda Estates currently spreads from Limuru Road up to Kiambu Road and the development is still continuing with more residential houses coming up every month. The expansion of old Runda Estate has continued with the development of phase 3 in 1993, phases 4 & 5 in 1995-1996, phase 6 in 1998-2000 and now phase 7 which will be starting soon.

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