Monterrico Real Estate Guatemala Taxisco Monterrico Properties

Monterrico Real Estate Guatemala Taxisco Monterrico Properties
The real estate crisis far from the beaches of Monterrico
El Punto, S. A. Monterrico found a refuge from the economic crisis, where he developed Villa Los Cabos, an exclusive apartment complex on the beach.
Los Cabos Villa is a unique complex of beach houses with 26 apartments and 72 villas overlooking the sea.
Property developer “El Punto S. A. have built 58 residential and hotel projects in different parts of the country, among them the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, Via Tiepolo, Bosque Escondido, Las Bellotas and Campo Grande.
With a spectacular view of the Monterrico beach, Villa Los Cabos is the perfect place to relax with the family during the weekend.

Located in the municipality of Taxisco, Santa Rosa, at kilometer 11.5 on the road leading to the port of Iztapa Monterrico, Los Cabos Villa is a new residential complex in the shape of a horseshoe.

Although the real estate sector has suffered the effects of the economic crisis, Jorge Castaneda, manager of El Punto, says that he found an oasis in Monterrico for its investment.
64 out of the 72 apartments are already sold, due to the high demand of weekend apartments in the area, which, not long ago used to be a quiet fishing village on the Pacific Coast.
For the past 5 years, over 30 hotels were built in Monterrico, and many wealthy families have chosen Monterrico as their new home.

Following the success of Villa Los Cabos, Castaneda’s intention to continue investing in Monterrico and in La Antigua Guatemala, where he has developed real estate projects at the end of 2009 provides a new start in the vicinity of St. John the Bishop.

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