Kenya Land Prices 2011 – 2012 Nairobi Land Prices

Kenya Land Prices 2011 – 2012 Nairobi Land Prices
Nowadays the very best and most affordable land value in and around Nairobi, which could be regarded as an investment, is being without a doubt found on the area between Mombasa road on Kangundo road, Eastern Bypass and Kangundo-Machakos road.
In this region the Greater Eastern Bypass is presently getting built.
Currently the land in this area can be purchased at the price of KES 600000As soon as the Bypass construction is finished, the plots of land are more than likely to skyrocket to a minimum of KES Eight million for each acre similar to those along side now-complete Eastern bypass.
In the past, until 2010 the very best land regarding the value was located along side Eastern Bypass anywhere between Mombasa Road and Thika road going via Njiru. Acreage value used to be close to KES 200,000 per acre. Once the highway development commenced, the purchase price increased gradually. Since the highway construction is accomplished, acreage value adjacent to the Bypass is approximately KES eight to nine million. This price tag carries on growing on the daily basis because of the growing demand.


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