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Address: Milovana Milovanovića Street, no. 4 Floor: V Useable space: 25sq/m Number of rooms: 1 Number of beds: 2/ max 3 persons Price/35 eura Ukratko o apartmanu This apartment is consisted of a fully equipped and furnished kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and a room which can at the same time serve both as living room as […]

Real Estate Agents – Spain Real Estate

Are you thinking about purchasing real estate? Surely purchasing a house can be an exciting time especially if you’re a first time homebuyer but there is also a lot of work involved. There are many services and tools available to help you in your search. Using the assistance of a real estate agent can be […]

Where to invest in real estate property in Romania

Where to buy property in Romania. While the second hand apartment’s prices are still a bit low compared to other Western countries and in the same time too expensive for the average income Romanian citizen, the apartments quality is really poor. An average price for a 1 bedroom second hand apartment will be at around […]

A holiday home in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania

It is only me, or the mass media in each country is nothing than a huge misleading, manipulating source of lies? In Romania, the real estate trading had really come to a standstill, because of the overpriced second hand property. Still the mass media is trying to suggest that the holiday houses in the Carpathian […]

Is Greece real estate market still attractive?

From recent reviews it looks like Greece real estate market is overstated. The high supply and the high prices combined with rising interest rates almost bring the real estate market to a standstill. In one word the market does not move and the demand is very limited. Especially the newly build apartments in Greece are […]

The so called real estate experts and evaluators

The so called real estate experts and evaluators !! Few months ago I sold for someone a 50 years old huge house in a central location. The client was a she lawyer who invested 180,000 Euros in that house with the intention of reselling it 1 year later when the real estate prices in Bucharest […]

Romanian real estate:new tax starting 2008

I forgot to mention this in my last article about Romania. Starting 2008 from all the real estate transactions conducted between established companies 19% V.A.T will be deducted, payable to the State. This is going to directly affect a wide range of real estate buyers, from young to old and from company to ordinary citizen. […]

Romania Bucharest real estate madness

Many of you may think or may have been told that Romania and in particular Bucharest is one of the last places left in Europe for a profitable real estate investment. I pretty much doubt that, and I’d like to contradict all the experts who sustain that. Let me tell you, that almost all the […]

Small property investments big profits

A couple of years ago I bought a piece of land in Romania; around 10,000 square meters, located somewhere in a village, 40 KM distance from Bucharest. I bought it directly from the owner. Initially, the owner built the fence with the intention to construct a house for his old mother, but sadly she died […]

Back to Bulgaria 3

Ok, here we go again, Bulgaria. Everything seems to be cheap in Bulgaria, the rent, the food, and of course the properties. Many properties on sale are so cheap, that one may ask how it is possible and why a property should be on sale for such a ridiculous price. Thousands of properties are on sale, and […]

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