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Our mission
Create and realise the best projects in the real estate market.
Our position
R.E.D. Pro is a professional developer and trustworthy partner who in running real estate projects draws on international experience, expertise and technology.
Company values
What makes a company different? What makes a person different? Expertise? That can be acquired in time. Skill and experience? These also come with time. Important as they are, we however believe that the deciding factor is the approach we take. Our mindset underpins our work. HOW we do WHAT we do is the corner stone of our approach. We preach a single work principle which does not allow us to fall into satisfaction but makes us for ever strive to push the bar ever higher. And this principle we purposely bring forward and show in the company’s name to always remind us of the need to rise to the challenge of PROFESSIONALISM.
All our actions are guided by these principles:
THE CUSTOMER’S interests and comfort come first.
HONESTY, DIRECTNESS and OPENNESS the key criteria for cooperation.
Every employee is a TEAM member who is responsible for the overall success.
When we undertake a job we do OUR BEST to complete it.
Treat colleagues and clients with RESPECT.
PROFITABILITY drives growth, development and success.

Contact: Red Pro
Dignajas str. 3C – 8A
Riga, LV – 1004
Latvia phone: +371 67602658
fax: +371 67722108e-mail:
birojs [at] redpro [dot] lv

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