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Madagascar Real Estate Mader Madagascar Property
Mader Property Madagascar is an real estate  and property development agency located in the heart of Majunga (Mahajanga / Madagascar).
We are pleased to present our first real estate business located in the center of Majunga. Other office locations will soon be available outside the city of Majunga.
Our real estate agency located in Majunga (Madagascar) is dealing in land for sale, houses, apartments and rental apartments and houses. All these property items are located in Majunga (Madagascar) in the city center or outside Majunga. We are also dealing with property in other regions in Madagascar.

Contact: Agence immobilière
Promotion immobilière
Tél : + 261 20 62 247 31
Résidence Jules Ferry,
rue Jules Ferry – Majunga be
401 Mahajanga

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